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Surveyor's Real Property Report FAQs
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What is a Surveyor’s Real Property Report ?
A Surveyor's Real Property Report is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of all visible public and private improvements relative to
property boundaries. It generally takes the form of a plan or illustration of the various physical features of the property along with a written report highlighting the surveyor's opinion of any concerns. The plan and report may be combined on one document.
In a Real Estate transaction the Surveyor's Real Property Report can be relied upon by the purchaser, the seller, the lending institution, the municipality, the Realtor and all other parties to the transaction as an accurate representation of the property.

Who needs a Surveyor’s Real Property Report ?
Property owners (purchasers), to ensure:
• that the extent of the property being purchased is the same as described in the Offer to Purchase.
• that the boundary location is known and the deed describes the property accurately.
• that pertinent fences, trees, buildings, gardens, embankments, driveways, walkways, swimming pools, house additions and other improvements are within the boundaries.
• that others are not entitled to partial use of the property through easements or rights-of-way.
• that the property conforms to municipal requirements.
• that the mortgage will proceed without delays.
Property sellers (vendors), to provide:
• confidence in the purchase for the buyer by verifying the size and extent of the property.
• protection from potential lawsuits resulting from problems related to property boundaries and improvements.
Realtors, to provide:
• a visual representation of the property for sale.
• information to avoid delays in completing property transactions.
• protection from potential lawsuits resulting from misrepresentation in the Offer to Purchase related to property boundaries and improvements.

How much does a Surveyor’s Real Property Report cost ?
The amount of work to prepare a Surveyor's Real Property Report varies from one property to another, and so does its cost. Factors such as lot size and shape, number of buildings, natural features (trees, ravines, etc.) and the age of the property affect the cost of the survey.
It is important to remember that your Surveyor's Real Property Report represents only a small portion of your total property investment and may help you to avoid costly and troublesome problems in the future.
A Surveyor's Real Property Report includes setting iron pins at the front property corners. Arrangements can be made to have the rear corners also marked but this will usually be at an additional cost. If other survey services are being contemplated, it may be economical to have the additional work performed at the time of the Surveyor's Real Property Report.

What is involved in a Surveyor’s Real Property Report ?
For your protection, a trained and licensed Ontario Land Surveyor is the only individual who can legally prepare a Surveyor's Real Property Report. A valid Surveyor's Real Property Report must bear the original signature and embossed seal of the Ontario Land Surveyor preparing the report. In all cases the Ontario Land Surveyor will undertake the following tasks in the preparation of the Surveyor's Real Property Report:
• a search of title of the subject and abutting properties
• a search of all pertinent encumbrances registered against the title of the subject property
• a search of other surveyor's offices to obtain all plans relating to location of boundaries of the subject property
• a field survey to determine the actual dimensions of the property, the location of improvements and the setting of corner markers
• an analysis of research and field data
• the preparation of the plan illustrating the results of the field survey and the title research
• the preparation of a written report providing the surveyor's opinion about any contentious issues that may have been found during the survey

How does a Surveyor’s Real Property Report protect you ?
In cases of dispute, your surveyor is an expert witness in court and assumes full professional responsibility for the accuracy of your survey. The cost of the survey is small as a percentage of your total investment and a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind.
A Surveyor’s Real Property Report:
• Provides information about one of the largest financial investments most people ever make.
• Identifies possible conflicts with adjoining owners.
• Provides assurance and Peace of Mind about the location of all boundaries.

The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
The Association regulates the practice of professional land surveying and governs its members with the Surveyors Act, the regulations and the by-laws in order that the public interest may be served and protected. A Surveyor's Real Property Report can only be prepared by a member of this Association. Current regulations require that new members have a university education followed by an apprenticeship period and professional examinations.
If you have questions about Surveyor's Real Property Reports or if you wish to learn more about the other services a surveyor can provide, please contact a licensed member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors. Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors working in your area are listed in the "Yellow Pages" under "Surveyors - Land".
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