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Baseplate / Anchor Bolt Layout
Building / Foundation Layout
Curved Ceiling Bulkhead Layout
Pier / Grade Beam Layout
Overall Site Layout
Section of objects uncovered during excavation
Terrazzo Floor Layout
Construction Surveying
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Our services have evolved over the years from simple building site layouts to now providing layout for every aspect of the construction phase. We start every project examining all the pertinent Architectural, Structural and Civil drawings for consistency, then we start to "build" the project in AutoCAD. We combine all the drawings into one drawing to enable us to spot interferences and inconsistencies. Every layout point is assigned a point number, which is then sent from AutoCAD into our layout instruments. The point numbers are shown on our layout sketches which are supplied to the client and the layout crew. In heavily congested areas the crew will label the point number laid out to enable the client to determine what the point represents, eliminating costly "guess work".
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