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Where we survey
Matthews, Cameron, Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd. - The Survey Specialists
Surveying beside a frieght train in Coldwater
We offer a wide range of services:
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Surveyor's Real Property Reports
• Reference Plan Surveys
• Boundary Demarcation
• Site Plans for Building Permits
Subdivision & Condominium Services
• Land Titles First Registration
• Topographic
• Services in support of Severances,
Minor Variances and Rezoning Applications
• New House Builder Packages
• Engineering Services
Industrial Surveying
• Drainage Surveys
• GPS/GNSS Surveys
Boundary Surveys for Fencing
• Control Surveys
• Surveys to determine volumes
Construction Layout
• As-Built Surveys
• Deformation Monitoring
• Column/Grid Line determination of existing
3D Laser Scanning
• and many others!
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