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...MCHKTH Surveying Ltd. are the "Survey Specialists", they are team players that have the experience, tools and the desire to help projects complete on time and on budget...
Our Mission
Matthews, Cameron, Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd. endeavors to provide quality work for all its clients all the time. We do so by hiring the best qualified staff available, and continually monitor their performance by our professional staff. We continually train our staff, and have a stable work force by maintaining a benefit plan and a salary structure above other firms in our areas of operation.

Our main goal is not to solely generate profits, but feel that profits will be a consequence of efficiently undertaking quality work that is estimated at a fair and reasonable level. We do not feel that the lowest price and the highest quality are compatible.
A Rich History
Matthews, Cameron Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd. has a rich history in the Niagara Region with roots dating back to the 1920's.

We have scores of filing cabinets filled with survey notes and plans. Here is a sampling of some of the Surveyors that we have records for: R. Blake Erwin OLS PEng ; W.C. Jepson OLS ; R.J. Matthews OLS ; Thomas G. Cahill OLS ; Robert H. Funk OLS
Matthews, Cameron, Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd.
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a wholly owned subsidiary of J.D. Barnes Limited
December 6, 2014

We are pleased to announce that effective December 6, 2014 J.D. Barnes Limited has acquired the professional land surveying firm of Matthews, Cameron, Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd. located in Niagara Falls and also in Lindsay (which operates under the business name Coe, Fisher, Cameron Surveying).

Matthews, Cameron, Heywood - Kerry T. Howe Surveying Ltd. is a professional services firm with expertise in legal, construction and engineering surveys. The firm offers comprehensive consulting services to clients primarily throughout the Niagara Region and the Kawartha Lakes Region of Ontario. Read More